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Hello all,


This post will contain all the important information you need to know about the upcoming Winterball that'll be taking place on Club Penguin Online this weekend. 


(1). The Judges will be picking 5 potential winners for a category, the public will then decide who they want to win. Voting will take place on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/PREYT9n).


(2). Awards will be done on the server Slushy. There will be different rooms for different award categories. Again, we will tell which rooms to go on in our official Discord server.


(3). We will be awarding users for Best Dressed, Singles, Funniest Couple, Best LGBT Couple, best eGirl, and Winterball King and Queen. If you have any suggestions for a possible award then DM a moderator on our Discord server.


(4). The game will update on Thursday night (tonight) to include all the Winterball rooms. 


(5). We will be hosting the awards on Saturday and Sunday. To make it more fair for everyone with different time zones, we'll be having 2 awards - 1 each day. 

We will be hosting the first one on Saturday at 11pm GMT// 6pm EST. The second awards will be hosted on Sunday, same times - 11pm GMT//6pm EST.


(6). The Spanish moderators might host their own Winterball awards on the Spanish servers, however we will confirm this with Icedanx and the other moderators.



For more information, please join our Discord server to get in contact with the moderators and administrators.


Hello all,


Sometime this week we'll be introducing a NEW role to Club Penguin Online - Elites. 


What are the Elites? Well, Club Penguin Online is almost two years old now, and we've had so many wonderful and loyal people in this community. Most of these users are rewarded with moderator role, however we cannot simply give everyone moderator. Therefore I have decided to create the Elite role - a role for the most loyal and dedicated Club Penguin Online users. 


How does one become an Elite? You are chosen by your action. The admins and eGods will discuss who they believe will receive this prestigious role. Here are the perks of being an Elite:


1). Closer direct access to the admins/eGods
2). Higher chance of being a moderator
3). Your own badge in-game and gold name colour
4). Custom Discord role 


Elites are loyal active members of the Club Penguin Online community. If you want a higher chance of becoming an Elite then you should join our Discord server and interact more with the community. 


We plan to have a minimum of at least 10 Elites, good luck to all who receive this role.


Hello all,


We have reintroduced the mature server, Walrus, to the game. Right now only the English server has a mature server. We'll be doing a second and final trial for the mature server. This trial will end by Friday 25th October.


One of the complaints about our first trial was that many users were not able to find the mature server as it was put on a seperate link, instead of the server being in the server list with the other main servers. So this time we have put Walrus in the same server list, making it easier for people to see and join. When you try to join Walrus a prompt comes up asking whether or not you're sure to join the server as it's a mature server.



I would just like to make one thing clear: Just because this is the mature server, doesn't mean there aren't any rules. The purpose of the mature server is to give older users less chat restrictions - there are still rules that must be followed. If you're caught breaking these rules you'll be banned accordingly. To view the rules visit rules.cponline.pw/mature


This will be the final trial for a mature server on Club Penguin Online. If everything goes smooth, we'll be adding Walrus and other mature servers to the other languages. If not, it'll get removed and never to be added back again. So make sure your behaviour does not affect the outcome of this trial in a negative way - remember to follow the rules.


Hello all,


We have entered the spooky season of Halloween! October is one of our favourite months, and our team is extremely motivated on working on Club Penguin Online to make it as fun as possible for all our users. 


User activity on Club Penguin Online is at an all-time high, with everyone eagerly waiting for the Halloween party. We promise you all that the wait will be worth it, as Jonas and Huey are working hard on the upcoming Halloween party. 


This weekend we'll be celebrating our amazing achievement of reaching 4 million users! We'll be doing a lot of giveaways, including Discord Nitro, coins and items. We'll also be trying something completely new this weekend. As some of you may have known, we have a new administration team to Club Penguin Online - also known as the "eGods". This team consists of; Adamblaze, Jacko, Jacob and Psychotic. These people are close friends with Riley and help Club Penguin Online behind the scenes. They also help by donating a lot of money for our Discord Nitro giveaways (so make sure to say thank you when you see them!).


Club Penguin Online will be doing a live podcast this Saturday. It'll be a live Mod Meet-Up where you can ask the admins any questions and hear them respond to you live on voice chat. We'll be doing a lot of giveaways and fun activities during the podcast, so make sure you're there for a chance to win a lot of amazing things.


The Halloween Party is not the only thing to look forward to. We have been planning for events after Halloween. How will we be able to keep users hyped after a Halloween Party? With a custom party of course! We will not spoil anything now, but once November arrives be prepared to be hit with waves of teasers for the custom party we'll be having in November - I personally believe it'll be better than our popular Endgame party we had in May, so be ready!


We also have plans in expanding our community, introducing hundreds and thousands of new people to Club Penguin Online! And ofcourse, with a huge increase of new users, we'll still be looking for new staff! Don't forget to send a staff application to cponline.pw/apply. 


So many things will be happening on Club Penguin Online this season. The team is working extremely hard to make you all happy. We cannot wait for you to enjoy what we have instore for you guys.


Long live Club Penguin Online ♥ 



Hello all,


We will be hosting another #ModMeetup this Friday, August 9th, 2019. Make sure to attend for a chance to win coins and items. You will also have the opportunity to communicate with the staff and ask the admins and moderators any questions. We look forward to seeing everybody there!




Hey Penguins,


          Today we released a brand new settings panel with a couple of new features included. This new settings panel is only available in the new client. It may be added to the old client sometime in the future. 

Settings Panel


We've cleaned up the design as well as added a couple of highly requested features. In this post, we are going to describe each new feature.



1. The Volume Slider - With this slider, you can adjust how loud you want the music or sounds to be on the game.

2. Hide Penguins - Many of you have been requesting this feature to meet mods and especially mascots. With this tool, it will hide every penguin except yourself, mascots and staff.

3. Hide Names - This feature will hide every penguins name including yours. 

4. Game Quality - This feature can reduce lag for many penguins but will reduce the quality of the game. There is still the keyboard shortcut, the +/= key, which will toggle between only the low and high quality. Many penguins were unaware of this so we decided to implement this feature into the settings panel. 



That's all for now. What do you guys think of the new settings panel? We still have a lot more features to add to Club Penguin Online, can you guess what's next? 


Hey Penguins,


    Last week we released a voting booth at the Dock for the next latest color to be added to Club Penguin Online. The results are in. We've had over 60,000 votes within 1 week. 


The new color is...


Color Vote 2019 Results


That's right! Maroon had won with over 20,000 votes, while Orchid Green was behind by 3,000 votes. Maroon will be added to next month's clothing catalog. 


What color did you vote for? Do you have any other suggestions/features you'd like to see on Club Penguin Online? Leave a comment below and let us know!



Hello all,


Welcome to another edition of Penguins of The Week! This week we'll be rewarding Tpumps, Freijord, and EltonJohn. Congratulations!


"Tpumps is an active user both in-game and on Discord. She can be seen helping out other users as well as our staff team. She tweets frequently about all of the fun she has on CPO and she shares her bright personality with the entire community. She has been well deserving of this title. Congratulations Tpumps!" - Megs


"Freijord un leal camarada que nos acompaña desde hace un tiempo, amigable y alegre apoyando a cada evento que realizamos, también se encarga de los que se portan mal aportando a la comunidad, gracias frei, hoy te mereces esto!" - Icedanx


"Elton tem sido muito ativo na comunidade e está sempre me mandando denúncias do servidor PT, é muito cordial e sempre muito simpático com todos, portanto merece tal reconhecimento." - Harls




Make sure to check our blog every Saturday to see the next winner of Penguin of The Week. If you wish to get this reward it’ll be useful if you joined our Discord server.


Hello all,


We will be hosting another #ModMeetup this Friday, July 19th, 2019. Make sure to attend for a chance to win coins and items. You will also have the opportunity to communicate with the staff and ask the admins and moderators any questions. We look forward to seeing everybody there!




Hello all,


Welcome to another edition of Penguins of The Week! This week we'll be rewarding Jaakee, ThePresident and RVCRVC. Congratulations!


"Jake is a very helpful user. You can find him tweeting and chatting with our users in our Discord. He helps out our staff by reporting users and ensuring our users are pointed into the right direction for help. He is kind and has a great sense of humor. Congratulations Jake!" - Megs


"Tp nuestro buen amigo que nos apoya con los jugadores que se portan mal, asiste a los eventos y nos brinda su amistad, gracias por tu apoyo te mereces esto y esperamos mucho más de ti!" - Icedanx


"RVC tem sido muito ativo recentemente, ele é uma ótima companhia nos servidores do CPO e eu, pessoalmente, sempre rio horrores quando estamos todos juntos. Muita gratidão por ter você aqui, RVC!" - Harls




Make sure to check our blog every Saturday to see the next winner of Penguin of The Week. If you wish to get this reward it’ll be useful if you joined our Discord server.



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