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Hello all,


On Saturday 20th January (this Saturday) we'll be officially launching. We'll try our best to fix as many bugs as possible by this date.


As you've guessed, only on this day you'll be able to receive the most rarest item on the island - the beta hat. We'll also be appointing the new moderators this Saturday, so make sure you're here - many things will be happening this day!


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Welcome to our first issue of Penguin of The Week! We have been busy this week beta testing, and we're glad you've all been patient and helping us fix bugs along the way. 


One user particularly caught my eye: Emabot. He's an active user on our Spanish server, Glacier. He has contributed to helping translate problems from Spanish users to our developers and has helped grow our Spanish community. Thank you, Emabot, your hard work didn't go unnoticed! You're our first ever Penguin of The Week winner! You'll receive a Penguin of The Week background, 5,000 coins and a beta hat!



We'll be picking a user for this award every Friday, so comment below a picture of your penguin (no background) and your igloo. You can also recommend users for this award!


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Hello all,


This is the official blog of Club Penguin Online, welcome! We're happy to announce that we've officially released and we're currently in beta stage. If you encounter any bugs, please report them to our Twitter or our official Discord server.


The aim of Club Penguin Online is to bring back the experience of playing on the original Club Penguin with their new client (AS3). We'll be having monthly parties, weekly Penguin of the Week, and much more!


We plan on growing our small community, so if you can, spread the word of CP Online! If anyone wants to experience the good old days of Club Penguin then they are welcomed here.


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Club Penguin Online is an educational instance. We do not hold copyright for any of the files