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Hello everyone,


Welcome to another edition of Penguins of The Week! This post will be for the PoTW's from last week (March 23rd). The users awarded were Rachelrue2, Splinter25 and Deysee1. Congratulations!


"Rachelrue2 is a very friendly, optimistic, and hard working user on our Discord and in-game. She's always on a roll when perplexed users have questions as she answers them, and even welcoming others. She is also very active on her Twitter, and even on her YouTube Channel. Her creativity also sparks of her making igloos as she shares them towards the CPOnline community. Rachel is always giving us a hand reporting players who are disobedient. Well done Rachel, your creative thinking didn't go unnoticed!" - Bucky


"Splinter25 nuestro querido amigo de la mafia, es un usuario divertido y muy atento, ayuda a la comunidad con reportes y todo el tiempo está dispuesto a serlo, ¡gracias por ayudar a que la comunidad sea un buen lugar Splinter25!" - Icedanx


"Deysse é uma ótima pessoa, pode não estar ativa sempre, porém, é muito simpática, gentil e amigável com todos aqui do CPO" - Harls



Make sure to check our blog every Saturday to see the next winner of Penguin of The Week. If you wish to get this reward it’ll be useful if you joined our Discord server.



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