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Hello everyone,


As some of you have noticed, last week we introduced safe chat servers. These servers were on the original Club Penguin, their purpose was to have very strict and limited chat regulations so younger children wouldn't witness any misbehaving penguins bypassing the chat filter.


When we released these servers we got a lot of praise for people who wanted these for a while, however many have asked for a 'mature' version. Huey and I have thought about this before, but we wanted to make Club Penguin Online similar to the original Club Penguin, so scrapped the idea of having a mature server - until now. 


We've noticed that a majority of our users are older people, mainly just playing again for nostalgia. We figured they would want they would want their own type of server to express themselves better without breaking our rules and getting banned, hence the creation of the mature servers.


The mature servers will be given a 1 week trial. We will see whether or not the addition of these servers will be a good idea in the long run. For now, there's 3 mature servers - one for each language. We will announce whether or not they'll be permanent next Friday. 


To join the Mature server go here: mature.cponline.pw


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