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Hello all,


I'm proud to announce that we will be releasing the Marvel Takeover Party sometime next week. It'll be one of the most customized party to have ever released on Club Penguin Online!



Many of you guys may be Marvel fans, or aware of the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe. If so, then you will be familiar with the recent hype and craze for the release of Marvel's 22nd movie - Avengers: Endgame, a 3 hour movie to conclude the epic Infinity Saga that started 11 years ago with the first Iron Man movie. 


We, the admins, are huge fans of Marvel and their work. Last year we had a Marvel Takeover party, which was a success and loved by the users. However, a year later, now that we're much bigger and have more designers, we wanted to make the best Marvel Takeover party for Club Penguin Online. I do not want to reveal too much in this post as I want everything to be a surprise, but I will make a small list of what you can expect to see in the upcoming party. 


>Custom features
>Custom items, rooms and map 
>Daily tasks
>Something something Thanos Snap something 
>New custom Thanos background
>Items for the Black Order

There's much more to add, but we want to keep the rest a surprise. This party was fun to plan, and I'll like to thank our designers, especially the head designer Jonas, for working hard for the past month in order to make this party possible.


We do not have a release date just yet, but we're hoping to release the party somewhere next week. We cannot wait for you guys to enjoy this party!


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