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Welcome to another edition of Penguins of The Week! This week we'll be rewarding SpyChloe, Yisus100 and AzuzinhoBK13. Congratulations! 


"SpyChloe has been playing Club Penguin Online for well over a year now and is a very friendly member of the community. She works as a Moderator for the Wiki and can often be found making edits or creating images for Wiki pages. She is one of the most active and knowledgeable Wiki staff and her contributions are greatly valued by the Club Penguin Online staff team." - Queen Badger


"Ranger un jugador activo, que se esfuerza cada día por ser mejor, atiende una pizzería en algún servidor y ¡Lo puedes ver para comer una pizza !, ayuda con los reportes y es muy amable, felicidades compañero! te lo mereces y sigue siendo como siempre." - Icedanx


"Azuzinho já esteve no jogo à 4 meses ou mais, e talvez ser escolhido seja uma surpresa para ele, pois, ele não está em nosso servidor do discord, porém, adoro ver seus eventos de estilo e festas no igloo, são realmente divertidas e contagiantes, obrigado por participar do jogo!" - Harls




Make sure to check our blog every Saturday to see the next winner of Penguin of The Week. If you wish to get this reward it’ll be useful if you joined our Discord server.


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