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Hey Penguins,


          Today we released a brand new settings panel with a couple of new features included. This new settings panel is only available in the new client. It may be added to the old client sometime in the future. 

Settings Panel


We've cleaned up the design as well as added a couple of highly requested features. In this post, we are going to describe each new feature.



1. The Volume Slider - With this slider, you can adjust how loud you want the music or sounds to be on the game.

2. Hide Penguins - Many of you have been requesting this feature to meet mods and especially mascots. With this tool, it will hide every penguin except yourself, mascots and staff.

3. Hide Names - This feature will hide every penguins name including yours. 

4. Game Quality - This feature can reduce lag for many penguins but will reduce the quality of the game. There is still the keyboard shortcut, the +/= key, which will toggle between only the low and high quality. Many penguins were unaware of this so we decided to implement this feature into the settings panel. 



That's all for now. What do you guys think of the new settings panel? We still have a lot more features to add to Club Penguin Online, can you guess what's next? 


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