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Welcome to the first edition of Penguins of the Month! For August 2019, we'll be rewarding Mmm4645, OWEN2007OWEN, and Ngm270. Congratulations!


"Mmm4645 (Sam) is an active member both in game and on discord. He has the biggest heart and is always ready to help anybody whether they have questions or just need a friend to talk to. He always knows how to make people laugh and there is never a dull moment with him waddling around the island. Having Sam in this community has truly been a blessing for many people, including myself. Thank you for all that you do for CPO, Sammy! If anybody deserves being the very first PoTM, it's you." - Kiwii


"Owen un gran camarada que nos acompaña a cada aventura, muy alegre y divertido, nos anima con su buen humor, gracias por todo, felicidades y sigue como siempre compañero." - Icedanx


"Foi uma longa caminhada não foi? Acho Ngm um dos usuários mais leais, amigáveis e divertidos do CPO, sempre participando e sendo prestativo, ele tem uma essência especial e também um grande coração, e isso ninguém pode tirar dele. Obrigado por estar aqui com o CPO por tanto tempo, e espero que continue, pois tenho certeza que muito ainda está por vir." - Harls



Make sure to check our blog every month to see the next winner of the Penguin of the Month. If you wish to get this reward it’ll be useful if you joined our Discord server.


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