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Hello all,


We have entered the spooky season of Halloween! October is one of our favourite months, and our team is extremely motivated on working on Club Penguin Online to make it as fun as possible for all our users. 


User activity on Club Penguin Online is at an all-time high, with everyone eagerly waiting for the Halloween party. We promise you all that the wait will be worth it, as Jonas and Huey are working hard on the upcoming Halloween party. 


This weekend we'll be celebrating our amazing achievement of reaching 4 million users! We'll be doing a lot of giveaways, including Discord Nitro, coins and items. We'll also be trying something completely new this weekend. As some of you may have known, we have a new administration team to Club Penguin Online - also known as the "eGods". This team consists of; Adamblaze, Jacko, Jacob and Psychotic. These people are close friends with Riley and help Club Penguin Online behind the scenes. They also help by donating a lot of money for our Discord Nitro giveaways (so make sure to say thank you when you see them!).


Club Penguin Online will be doing a live podcast this Saturday. It'll be a live Mod Meet-Up where you can ask the admins any questions and hear them respond to you live on voice chat. We'll be doing a lot of giveaways and fun activities during the podcast, so make sure you're there for a chance to win a lot of amazing things.


The Halloween Party is not the only thing to look forward to. We have been planning for events after Halloween. How will we be able to keep users hyped after a Halloween Party? With a custom party of course! We will not spoil anything now, but once November arrives be prepared to be hit with waves of teasers for the custom party we'll be having in November - I personally believe it'll be better than our popular Endgame party we had in May, so be ready!


We also have plans in expanding our community, introducing hundreds and thousands of new people to Club Penguin Online! And ofcourse, with a huge increase of new users, we'll still be looking for new staff! Don't forget to send a staff application to cponline.pw/apply. 


So many things will be happening on Club Penguin Online this season. The team is working extremely hard to make you all happy. We cannot wait for you to enjoy what we have instore for you guys.


Long live Club Penguin Online ♥ 


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