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Hello all,


We have reintroduced the mature server, Walrus, to the game. Right now only the English server has a mature server. We'll be doing a second and final trial for the mature server. This trial will end by Friday 25th October.


One of the complaints about our first trial was that many users were not able to find the mature server as it was put on a seperate link, instead of the server being in the server list with the other main servers. So this time we have put Walrus in the same server list, making it easier for people to see and join. When you try to join Walrus a prompt comes up asking whether or not you're sure to join the server as it's a mature server.



I would just like to make one thing clear: Just because this is the mature server, doesn't mean there aren't any rules. The purpose of the mature server is to give older users less chat restrictions - there are still rules that must be followed. If you're caught breaking these rules you'll be banned accordingly. To view the rules visit rules.cponline.pw/mature


This will be the final trial for a mature server on Club Penguin Online. If everything goes smooth, we'll be adding Walrus and other mature servers to the other languages. If not, it'll get removed and never to be added back again. So make sure your behaviour does not affect the outcome of this trial in a negative way - remember to follow the rules.


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