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Hello all,


Sometime this week we'll be introducing a NEW role to Club Penguin Online - Elites. 


What are the Elites? Well, Club Penguin Online is almost two years old now, and we've had so many wonderful and loyal people in this community. Most of these users are rewarded with moderator role, however we cannot simply give everyone moderator. Therefore I have decided to create the Elite role - a role for the most loyal and dedicated Club Penguin Online users. 


How does one become an Elite? You are chosen by your action. The admins and eGods will discuss who they believe will receive this prestigious role. Here are the perks of being an Elite:


1). Closer direct access to the admins/eGods
2). Higher chance of being a moderator
3). Your own badge in-game and gold name colour
4). Custom Discord role 


Elites are loyal active members of the Club Penguin Online community. If you want a higher chance of becoming an Elite then you should join our Discord server and interact more with the community. 


We plan to have a minimum of at least 10 Elites, good luck to all who receive this role.


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