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Hello all,


This post will contain all the important information you need to know about the upcoming Winterball that'll be taking place on Club Penguin Online this weekend. 


(1). The Judges will be picking 5 potential winners for a category, the public will then decide who they want to win. Voting will take place on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/PREYT9n).


(2). Awards will be done on the server Slushy. There will be different rooms for different award categories. Again, we will tell which rooms to go on in our official Discord server.


(3). We will be awarding users for Best Dressed, Singles, Funniest Couple, Best LGBT Couple, best eGirl, and Winterball King and Queen. If you have any suggestions for a possible award then DM a moderator on our Discord server.


(4). The game will update on Thursday night (tonight) to include all the Winterball rooms. 


(5). We will be hosting the awards on Saturday and Sunday. To make it more fair for everyone with different time zones, we'll be having 2 awards - 1 each day. 

We will be hosting the first one on Saturday at 11pm GMT// 6pm EST. The second awards will be hosted on Sunday, same times - 11pm GMT//6pm EST.


(6). The Spanish moderators might host their own Winterball awards on the Spanish servers, however we will confirm this with Icedanx and the other moderators.



For more information, please join our Discord server to get in contact with the moderators and administrators.


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