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Hello all,


This sixth #ModMeetup will not take place on the typical Friday, but on a Saturday. We plan on making this #ModMeetup a big one. 


You'll be able to meet the brand new staff team and ask appropriate questions. We'll also be giving some small information on the upcoming party (by Saturday you should know what the party is). We're going to be using this #ModMeetup to communicate more with the community and try add more things to Club Penguin Online to make the game more exciting and to engage the community even more. We already have some ideas of what we're going to be doing, but we'll love to hear your opinions as well. 


The #ModMeetup Discord server will be open for people to join (https://discord.gg/VnprPY3). Make sure to attend this one as we're going to be working even harder on Club Penguin Online now that summer is approaching, meaning exams are almost over and more free time! 





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