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Hello all,


Tomorrow we will be hosting our first June #ModMeetup! We are excited as we have something important to announce: 4th June 2018 will be our sixth month anniversary! 


Yes, you've read right. Six months ago Timmy and I opened Club Penguin Online to the public, and now, six months later, we're one of the biggest CPPSes with now over 500,000 registered users! This is amazing, and we're very proud of this achievement and thankful for all our users.


We will continue to work hard on Club Penguin Online for the next 6 months - we plan on keeping this game up as long as possible (Disney can't do anything to us). We will be hosting a special six month anniversary party next week (9th June) - we will also be celebrating achieving 500,000 registered users as well.


Make sure to attend the #ModMeetup tomorrow - we will be asking you guys what you would like to see at this special party and any improvements you want on the game.




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