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Hello all,


As it's summer, the staff have been thinking of interesting ways to get the community engaged and to have more fun online. Inspired by the RPF army, I came up with the idea of having an official army league here on Club Penguin Online. 


As of now, the only 'official' army on our game is the RPF - hopefully that will change. The Army League will consist of official armies registered on Club Penguin Online. Once you've registered your army you will be able to compete in tournaments designed for armies. 


We will aim to host at least one tournament per month. The tournaments will be elimination brackets, and the winning army will receive a prize for the entire army. The bigger your army, the better tactics they have, the higher chances your army has in winning these tournaments. 

In order for your army to officially be in Club Penguin Online's Army League they must fullfill these requirements: 


> Their official CPPS must be Club Penguin Online
> They have a public website and Discord server
> The army must be active - any inactivity in over a month will result in you being removed from the League
> Must have at least over 10 active members

At the moment, the only army that can qualify for the Army League is the RPF. Hopefully we will be able to see more armies being created, and if that's the case then the first Army League tournament could be hosted this month!

If you wish to register your army for the Army League then join the Army League Discord here: https://discord.gg/ZcGCsTC


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