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Hello all,


We are now at the final stage of the Army League's first tournament. A huge congratulations to the RPF and ETA army for making it this far in the tournament. We would also like to thank the other armies for participating in the tournament as well. 


This weekend we will be crowning the winner of the Legends Cup 2018. We will also find out who finishes in third and fourth place as the Elite Guardians and Dancing Shark Squad will both be fighting for third place.


These are the Official Tournament Rules:
1). No multi-logging 
2). No foul behaviour if you lose 
3). No threatening the opponent or judges
4). Mass help from other armies is not allowed
5). No entering battle rooms BEFORE the judge has announced it


Good luck to all participating armies in this tournament! If you have any questions please join the official CPO Army League Discord server (https://discord.gg/ZcGCsTC)


Elite Guardians of CP vs. Dancing Shark Squad

Saturday, August 4th

3:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM CST, 1:00 PM MST, 12:00 PM PST, 8:00 PM UK


Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Elite Trackers and Activities

Saturday, August 4th
4:00 PM EST, 3:00 PM CST, 2:00 PM MST, 1:00 PM PST, 9:00 PM UK


Note: All battles will take place on Sleet. Please be on the official CPO Army League Discord for more information on this tournament.



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