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Hello all,


A few days ago we surpassed 900,000 registered users on this game. Club Penguin Online was only released to the public 8 months ago, and we're so close to reaching 1 million registered users (It took CPR 10 months to reach 1 million). 


Two months ago in June we were celebrating out 6th month anniversary and reaching 500,000 registered users. In two months we have seen a staggering 400,000 new penguins joining our growing community, which is absolutely amazing. We are expecting to reach the ultimate goal this month, and we have an AMAZING party ready to celebrate 1 million.


In this upcoming #ModMeetup we would like to hear what you guys would like us to do in the party. The administration is very excited for this month, as we have a custom party ready to release as soon as the 1 million party is over. We also plan to release a new Card Jitsu Element this month, as well as a new penguin colour. We hope you guys are excited for the upcoming changes ready to happen on Club Penguin Online!




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