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This Friday night we'll be releasing our 1 Million Users party! We're very hyped about this as we're currently at 995,000 registered users. We predict to reach 1 Million by Thursday night. The one millionth user will be receiving 1 million free coins! We're also releasing exclusive items for the party, as well as all of the mascots visiting during the party, including new custom ones! Thank you to everyone for playing and spreading the word of Club Penguin Online!


A lot will be happening this Saturday. As well as the highly talked about KSI vs. Logan Paul fight, Club Penguin Online will be extremely busy considering the release of the 1 Million Users Party, the 1 Million code, old mascots revisiting and custom mascots, and now this #ModMeetup. We'll be making this meet up extra special, so make sure you're there!




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