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Hello all,


It's finally September, and it's fair to say that summer is over. A lot happened this summer on Club Penguin Online, a lot of memories were made thanks to our amazing community. We kicked off the summer with releasing the fire dojo, which was popular with everyone. Then we released the Adventure Party after celebrating reaching 700,000 registered users. Next we had our own prom, which was a huge success - the prom will definitely be remembered by the community and our staff. We then celebrated 800,000 registered users and 30,000 Discord users at the end of July. We began August with celebrating 900,000 registered users and opening a voting booth so users can vote for the next colour to add in-game. The Water Party was then released, as we were all counting down to 1 Million and then... we reached 1 Million users! We threw a customised party for this achievement, a great way to end the summer fun.


We hope you've all enjoyed summer here on Club Penguin Online. However, now that school has begun that doesn't mean the team won't be working anymore. We're still dedicated in making your experience here on Club Penguin Online a great one. We're still working on the Card Jitsu elements, as well as working on the upcoming party for September. 


This Saturday we will begin have our first September #ModMeetup. We'll be hiring new trial moderators as well, so make sure to be here if you wish to become a trial moderator. 





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