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Hello all,


Club Penguin Online has been running for 10 months now, and in those 10 minutes our community has grown extremely fast. We now have over 1,200,000 registered users on our game, and almost 50,000 users on our Discord server and 16,000 followers on Twitter.

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We value the Club Penguin Online community a lot. We have a lovely community in-game and on our Discord server, however we have noticed we don't have much of our community communicating via Twitter, and that's why we have decided to introduce the Twitter rank.


Earlier this year we introduced a similar rank, called the Youtube rank. The Youtube rank is for CPO Youtubers who make videos on CPO. Anyone with this rank receives the 'Youtube' role on our Discord server, along with a Youtube pin and Youtube background in-game. 


The Twitter rank will be very similar to this. Anyone who is part of the Twitter group will receive a Twitter rank on our Discord server. This will allow them to access the #Twitter channel, which is only available for people in the Twitter community. Twitter users will also be receiving a custom Twitter pin and Twitter background (coming soon), we may also add a Twitter button to their playercard which will lead people to their official Twitter page (this is only an idea for now)


The leader of this Twitter project is no other than Daisy10101, one of the most active members in our community. If you would like to join the Twitter community you can DM her, but these are the requirements:


1). You must have a Twitter account solely based on Club Penguin Online

2). You are familiar with how Twitter works and how to use hashtags

3). Your account follows the official Club Penguin Online Twitter account


If you think you are eligble for this rank, then please DM Daisy (Daisy#4945). Thank you and good luck to everyone who is applying!


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