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Hello all,


For a while now, the administrators and moderators here have been discussing former banned members of our community and whether or not they deserve a second chance. We have experienced people creating new identities and new Discord accounts just to re-enter our community after receiving a permanent ban.


Although this is against our rules, we have noticed some people who rejoin our community have joined for the better, and we let everything that happened in the past to remain in the past and to move forward.


Queen Badger, a veteran moderator and CPO's very own secretary, came up with the idea of a pardoning system. This means that you can join the pardoning Discord server to discuss your ban, whether it be on CPO or on our Discord, and ask to clean your record and rejoin on a fresh start.


I am willing to give this system a try as I have personally been asked in direct messages by banned users to rejoin the Club Penguin Online community on a fresh note. If you are banned from Club Penguin Online in-game or from our Discord server (permanently), then this is your chance to get it removed.


Go to this link to join the CPO: Pardoning System Discord server, where you can discuss your ban with an administrator to get unbanned. This system will be temporary, however, so make sure you do it on time.




*Please note this Discord server is only to be used for people who are banned from CPO in-game or our official Discord and looking to be unbanned. This is not a hangout server, so if you do not need unbanning do not join.



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