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Hello Penguins!


Recently, we decided to give out Treasure Book Codes but we wanted to do it in a fair way for everyone to enter in.


Therefore we made a raffle system! Any penguin that is activated and not banned permanently can be entered in the raffle. We will choose 2 winners every night around 10PM PST and they will receive their code via Discord(preferably) or Email.


If you would like the code sent via Discord DMs, please set your nickname on Discord as "DISCORDNAME[CPO NAME]#0000", where "DISCORDNAME" is your actual Discord username and "CPO NAME" is your actual penguin username on Club Penguin Online. If we can not find you on Discord, we will email you the code. Winners will also be announced on Discord and on this post, as it will be edited.


English: https://raffle.cponline.pw/

Español: https://raffle.cponline.pw/?lang=es

Portuguese: https://raffle.cponline.pw/?lang=pt




Winners (updated daily):
December 10th: Schmoondy and hgiann

December 11th: Icecream121 and delilahpitt



Good Luck and Happy Holidays!


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