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Hello all,


Welcome to another edition of Penguin of The Week! This week we'll be rewarding two users to make up for missing last week. We'll be rewarding the users Fen12345 and Xnxzxw.


Xnxzxw (or better known as Siri) is a very active and known member in our community. She is often helping members with getting stamps, pin locations, or any problem they might face. She also always helps the moderators by reporting misbehaving users.


Fen12345 is one of the most active members in the Club Penguin Online community. He can always be found chatting in our Discord server and helping other players when they have questions or problems. He also helps the staff team by reporting rule breaking and contributes to the Wiki.



Make sure to check our blog every Saturday to see the next winner of Penguin of The Week. If you wish to get this reward it’ll be useful if you joined our Discord server.


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