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Welcome to another edition of Penguins of The Week! This week we'll be rewarding the users Avia, Pacolandia38 and LaurenSmith. Congratulations! 


"Avia is an active member both in game and on discord. She is a youtuber and posts fun and helpful videos about our CPO community. In her spare time, she also helps report bad behavior to our moderators to help keep the community safe. Way to go Avia!" - Kiwii


"Teo nuestro gran amigo desde hace tiempo, siempre a nuestro lado ayudando y riendo, cualquiera estaría muy feliz de tenerlo como amigo y nosotros nos sentimos agradecidos por eso, así que hoy eres tu la estrella te lo mereces, eres grande Teo recuérdalo." - Icedanx


"LaurenSmith tem sido muito ativa recentemente e é sempre amigavel, por esta razão acho que ela merece algum tipo de consideração, continue sendo a pessoa incrível que você é!" - Harls



Make sure to check our blog every Saturday to see the next winner of Penguin of The Week. If you wish to get this reward it’ll be useful if you joined our Discord server.


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